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Additional Services

Here at The Preferred Chauffeur and Concierge Service we have developed relationships with various companies that are important to the quality of life that we all need to be focused on.

Below is a list of those companies and I strongly advise you to check out each one to see if you can use or will need them in the future.

Loading Boxes in teh Truck

Blue-Sky Senior Moving Services

Blue Sky Senior Moving Services, based in the Atlanta area, will help you navigate through every detail. Whether you’re making the move yourself or helping a loved one, we will provide the solutions you need to make transitioning to a new residence a stress-free experience.

Click the link below to learn more and schedule a free consultation. 

Hands of Gold 
Massage Therapy and Personal Training

Your positive thoughts, words and actions create healthy living and a better quality of life - mind, body and spirit.

Make an appointment today for our Massage Therapy or Personal Training services.

On the Treadmill
Playing Foosball

Empower Recreational Therapy

We adapt recreation, leisure, and fitness programming for adults aged 50+ to promote independence and quality of life. 

 Don't have a passion?

That's okay, we will find what works for you

Hands of Faith Home Care

We hope that as you explore you will discover that you are not alone in facing the challenges of getting older. 


Here at Hands of Faith Home Care you can be sure that you will be provided with peace of mind through our quality of services. 

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