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Robin M Dillard is the Founder, CEO, Chauffeur and Concierge and has over 35 years experience in the transportation industry.


Her career in transportation began at the age of 16 when she acquired her drivers license and was responsible for driving her grandparents to and from doctor's appointments, church and the grocery store. In 1985 Robin began working for Budget Rent a Car in Crystal City, Virginia where she picked up and dropped off passengers that were renting cars. Robin loves to challenge herself and with that being said, she decided she wanted to learn to drive motor coaches and obtained a job with Washington Flyer/Pro-Drive.  She sustained extensive training on driving a motor coach, which she says is the reason she became The Preferred Chauffeur.

Robin moved to Atlanta, GA in 1994 and started working for Atlanta Airport Shuttle, which is where she learned the city. It was also there that she was introduced to individual passenger service, but it wasn't until her aunt hired her to drive her cousin and his date to the prom in 2000 that she discovered real chauffeured transportation. She met Jabari Hayes who was co-owner of Executive Limo and Valet Services.  She then began working with Jabari and taught herself how to drive a stretch limo because she said, "If I can drive a motor coach I certainly can drive a stretch."

Robin went on to become an Independent Contractor for various limousine companies and drove vehicles of all sizes. She started her business in 2009 booking vehicles for Proms and Weddings and in February 2012 after being contracted to work the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, she returned to Atlanta and decided that she wanted to totally be on her own.  She registered her business as All n 1 Executive Transportation then because "The Preferred Chauffeur" wasn't available at the time.  Her first long term client was the CEO of All n 1 Security in Atlanta. From that point on Robin has teamed up with some of Atlanta's finest chauffeurs and companies and continues to provide unmatched transportation services.


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